Magellan Blue Gin

In 1519, five ships led by Ferdinand de Magellan set out to circumnavigate the world and explore the "spice islands." Three years later, only the ship Victoria returned to Spain, with 18 people and several barrels of cloves. Sadly, Magellan, who died in battle during the voyage, never saw the results of his spice discoveries. Those spices inspired the creation of Gin as we now know it, and it is to cloves in particular, that Magellan Gin owes its unrivaled taste.

Magellan Gin is handcrafted in small batches using the finest natural exotic botanicals from around the Globe at the Angeac Distillery. It begins with the fermentation of Capet, a rich wheat grain and water from the Gensac Spring. The wheat and water mash is then triple distilled yielding a smooth, clean neutral spirit. Each botanical is picked at its peak of ripeness and quickly sun dried. After triple distillation of the neutral spirit, the head of a small pot still is opened and these fresh botanicals, wrapped in a special cloth are added to the neutral spirit and immediately redistilled a fourth time. Then, guided by generations of expertise, the master distiller selects the "heart" of Magellan Gin, the moment when the Gin is perfect. This Fresh Distillation process truly captures the intricate and complex flavors of the fresh botanicals. Following the fourth distillation, Magellan Gin is infused with natural iris root and flower, which gives Magellan Gin its crisp taste and beautiful blue color. We finish by bottling Magellan Gin in clear glass so you can admire this unique spirit inspired by Magellan's travels between the cerulean sky and deep blue sea.

Magellan Gin's scintillating aroma and refreshingly smooth and balanced character are unmatched in the world. Light floral tones and brilliant natural blue hue make this, the premier Gin to enjoy in any classic cocktail. Please Journey with Magellan Gin responsibly.

  • Botanicals

    11 Exotic botanicals

    intricate and complex flavors

    Magellan Gin's refreshingly smooth and balanced character is unmatched in the world. We finish by bottling Magellan Gin in a clear glass so you can admire this unique spirit inspired by Magellan's travels.

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    Iris root and flower

    Magellan's secret ingredient

    Grown in Italy, this root is prized as an aid to digestion. Its blue petals give Magellan Gin the spirit of the cerulean sky and deep blue sea.

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    original cargo on the Victoria

    The spice Magellan brought back imparts an exceptional aromatic quality and flavor while adding a spicy depth.

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    a gift fit for monarchs

    From Sri Lanka, lends a pleasing sweetness to Magellan Gin.

  • botanicals

    Juniper berries

    not really a berry...can be confused as one

    Delicately perfumed French Juniper with a purplish bloom grown in the high altitudes of France.

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    Orange peel

    Crisp refreshing citrus

    From Mexico, brimming with rich oils, the ripe orange peel rounds off the citrus flavors.

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    often confused with another botanical

    From Indochina, a variety of Cinnamon to compliment and reinforce the taste and aroma of Cinnamon itself.

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    seeds hold an orange-peel flavor

    From Morocco, intensely aromatic, the seeds hold an orange-like flavor.

  • botanicals

    Grains of paradise

    a true hint of paradise

    From West Africa, these intensely peppery berries add a faint, pleasant spicy note.

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    complex and sweet

    From China, this licorice adds a complex sweetness more profound than sugar.

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    subtle not tame

    Grown on the island of Ceram, this Indian Nutmeg lends a subtle, exotic aroma.

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    strong and unique

    From India, this is the world's second most expensive botanical, bringing a distinctive and delicately spicy bouquet.

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